Yuri Suzuki Design Studio is looking for a writer with professional research skills, writing about the history of Sound Design. This could include journalists, curators and academic researchers too.

The project is set to be the first major book chronicling the history of Sound Design and showcasing recent work by Yuri Suzuki and his contemporaries in the field. The release of the book would be launched through an accompanying design exhibition of the same topic. The job would be to work alongside Yuri Suzuki to help collate research and assist in the writing and editing of the book.

Start Date: Mid-August
End Date: Dependent on progress
Salary: Dependent on experience and agree timeline

Required Skills
The ideal candidate would have a strong CV/portfolio in academic or journalistic research, and be capable of writing and editing professionally. A strong interest and working knowledge of sound design would be a bonus.

The research would require the candidate to be capable of completing the following:
Helping Yuri categorise and contextualise different/disparate pieces of research. This would include working with scientific research.
Contacting relevant institutions and designers to secure resources for writing the book.
Assist in the conducting of interviews with practitioners.

The following writing skills:
A working knowledge of academic paper writing.
Being able to structure and edit large documents or books.
Translating from academic writing style to literary style.

All eligible applicants should send through a copy of their CV with a brief covering letter or email to We look forward to hearing from you!