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Acoustic Pavilion

Commissioned by Cité du design and Site Le Corbusier
Directed by Benjamin Loyauté

Project management – Nicolas Roech
Project assistant – Heather Sterland, Charlotte Sterland and Kohen Judd
Information graphic – Marine Duroselle


‘Experience beauty through sound – Acoustic Pavilion’, is an auditory horn installation that enables visitors to explore the relationship between space,
shape and sound. the exhibition questions why people often associate beauty with only visual aspects, even though music plays an
important part in our perception of this. it builds upon the links between shapes and sounds in architecture, first analyzed by
iannis xenakis, and the resulting ‘philips’ pavilion, created in 1958 with le corbusier, for the brussels world exhibition.


Fittingly, the acoustic pavilion sits inside le corbusier’s saint-pierre church in firminy, france, where it allows visitors to create their
own listening devices. the network of ABS pipes provides the opportunity to make long, short, straight or angular structures, and
for people to explore how sounds evolve through different forms.




People can hear sounds through the conical caps

Installation components

Yuri Suzuki © Conception, Le Corbusier architecte, José Oubrerie assistant (1960-65). Réalisation, José Oubrerie architecte (1970-2006)