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at NTT Inter Communication Center
From 23rd May 2015 – 6th June 2016
Opening hours 11am to 6pm
Closing Monday

“Open Space 2015” is an exhibition introducing works of media art and other forms of artistic expression born out of today’s media environments, to a broad audience. Literally a beginner’s guide to media art, the exhibition features leading works from the realm of media art, artworks incorporating cutting-edge technologies, works with a critical standpoint, and in addition, projects that are currently in progress at various research institutions. All of them are being displayed along with explanatory notes designed to help the visitor gain a better understanding, according to our aim to present media art in a fun and easily accessible way.

Also on the schedule during the exhibition period are a number of related programs including talk sessions, lectures, symposia and workshops with artists and experts, as well as guided tours around the exhibits with explanations by the curatorial

Artists : Toshio Iwai, So Kanno + Young2, Semi Transparent Design, Shiro Takaya, Norimichi Hirakawa,
Filament, Bill Fontana, Masaki Fujihata, Chris Milk + Aaron Koblin, Ei Wada etc.


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