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in collaboration with Håkan Lidbo, Isak Nordell and Johan Strömbom

BIB BOT is the new museum guide at Malmo Museum. She drives along a line on the floor and
talks about the objects at the exhibition. Her fist job is at the new exhibition “Future Cars”.
She has ultra sonic sensors so she deosn’t run in to people and if she is pushed away from her line,
she asks for help. Swedish comedienne Anna Blomberg has created her voice and specific character.
BIB is friendly, safe, durable, good-looking and entertaining.

Robots will be coming into our daily life more and more. In manufacturing industry but also in
healthcare, to help us in our daily lives and as firends. Most people that today own a lawn mower
robot or a vacuum cleaner robot give their robot a name. They become a member of the family.
By making BIB very friendly and social, we can learn more how people would like to interact with robots.




YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image