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Breakfast Machine

Directed with KIMURA, Aurora Portillo and Aya Comori

Commition work for Platform 21=Jamming exhibition
Platform 21, Amsterdam, Netherlands. From 16th to 26th September 2009

Platform 21 closing for next step, “Breakfast” is symbol of a beginning. End of three years of adventure in Platform 21,
I strongly believe that the event have to involve designers and artists who has participate in platform 21 project
and would be nice to participate in an activity in the theme of jamming. Making up a big project then will use it in the end,
that will be great beginning. And the process of making the machine will be improvisation and jamming with material and
different knowledges.
To realize this project, all artists, designers and engineers have to corporate each other and build up this machine.
Off course respectively all participants have different ideas and identity.

Probably, there are a lot of argument, probably fighting happen however it would be necessary element to making great project.

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photo © Johannes Abeling