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Door Bell Kit

Made for my re-design soundscape workshop in IASPIS, Stockholm

one day I found a great kettle designed by richard sapper. the kettle’s beautiful sound plays
the notes C and D and sounds like a small locomotive. inspired by this, I made a kettle of my own.
a music kettle, which became part of the series ‘re-design sound scape’. as the kettle boils it whistles
your favorite tune… I want to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises: alarms, mobile phones,
a doorbell; I have the opinion that not enough that has been given to the noises they produce

so in taking this experience, he decided to use the trite sound of a door bell as a starting
point, conducting this workshop as a means of analyzing and suggesting alternatives to
the generic soundscapes of everyday life that we often take for granted.

for the workshop, designed a DIY door bell kit, in which people assembled brick style
components to connect with actuators, to produce their favorite door bell sounds.
what effect would a whispering or moaning doorbell have? how would we interpret
bird songs or the sound of barking dogs – as visitor or host? what happens if the first
impression is disturbed by an unexpected sound? can the sound of a doorbell have an
effect on the very notion of hospitality?
‘ all participants were given the opportunity to
produce a door bell of their own during the one-day exercise.
materials for the doorbell development kit such as acrylic bock, solenoids, various
actuators and switches were supplied.