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Portable Tea Ceremony Set

The Japanese tea ceremony of the future
Today, commuting times which take about an a hour are almost normal.
It is estimated that in the near future commuting times might even increase to a great extended,
as we are heading towards a totally mobile society.

But what will happen to all the rituals and ceremonies which formed the basis of our culture,
when in the future we spend so much time in transition?
The idea of this project is to find future ways of communication by keeping old rituals alive for a mobile society.
For this project I researched the tea ceremony in Japan. The tea ceremony or “sado” is not just one specific way to make tea.
Its purpose is much more about deepening the conversation between the person
who prepares the tea and the person who drinks it. To perform the tea ceremony a lot of equipment is needed
which cannot be carried around easily. It is basically a non-portable ritual.

How can this ritual survive in a mobile society?





Design Boom “Dining in 2015” contest, Finalist