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Rec and Play

in collaboration with Oscar Diaz

The project consists of two pens that allow recording sound on a line and then playing it back.
The REC pen, draws and record sound on a line. It contains especial ferromagnetic ink,
made with the same component used to made old cassette tapes, a recording head and
a microphone.
The ink is applied to the paper and at the same time the recording head can record the
sound captured by the microphone situated at the top part of the pen.
The PLAY pen allows retrieving the sound and playing it back.  It contains a read head
and a speaker.When the tape read head is moved along the line the previously recoded
sound can be heard.

To reference and indicate each pen function, the pens use the color code used in old
cassette recorders. The REC pen is red, and the PLAY pen, black.
Both pens are connected to a circuit board and a power supply to feed the electronic components.




photo © Hitomi Kai Yoda