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  • Arborhythm

    A public art installation blending San Francisco's sounds into a relaxing, multisensory experience with integrated seating.

    Arborhythm, a public art installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, merges sculpture and sound to create a unique sensory experience.


    This artwork, commissioned for the Art of Noise exhibition (May 4-August 18, 2024), features treelike structures with horn-shaped speakers, painted in Bay Area-inspired colors, including the iconic "international orange" of the Golden Gate Bridge. Made from steel, aluminum, speakers, electronic components, and automotive paint, Arborhythm integrates over a hundred field recordings from San Francisco—ranging from foghorns and ocean waves to cable cars and sea lions—into an ambient wellness soundtrack. Designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, this installation serves both as a seating area and a place for contemplation, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the sounds and essence of the city. By tuning and layering the local environmental sounds into a sensorial soundscape, the installation aims to "replenish people's attention through their unconscious, cognitive process and help them relax and de-stress."


    Arborhythm is a welcoming beacon at SMOMA's entrance, playfully connecting visitors to their surroundings and fostering a deeper connection to the urban and natural rhythms of San Francisco.