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  • DIY Camera Kit

    A DIY camera idea for the Olympus Air Lens

    With DIY CAMERA KIT for OLYMPUS AIR, by assembling a cardboard box, and attaching your OLYMPUS AIR A01 and smartphone, you can enjoy a variety of styles of photography. There are 4 style templates. Choose a style that suits you best, and design your camera as you wish with drawings or handcrafts.


    With DIY Synthesizer Board "OTOTO", your DIY CAMERA KIT becomes even more enjoyable. "OTOTO" is a synthesizer that can be played with small amounts of electricity. Using the clip, you can turn anything that is conductive into a musical instrument.

    When you connect "OTOTO" to your smartphone application with the clip extended from OTOTO, you will be able to control the shutter, video recordings, and exposures. And by attaching the clip onto the cardboard, you can position control buttons for the camera, where ever you wish.

    There's also the conductive ink. As long as the drawing is connected to the clip fixed to the cardboard, you can draw anything you want with it. And when you attach the clip onto anything conductive such as doorknobs or plants, it'll function as a shutter button as well.


    With DIY CAMERA KIT for OLYMPUS AIR, both kids and grown-ups can enjoy designing a camera of their own even if you don't have any knowledge about programming or electronic kits. It's a fun new kit that has never been created before.