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    An online sequencer that collects, samples and plays back sounds from all over the world.

    As part of its initiative to push the boundaries of sound design, the City of Hamamatsu—which is a UNESCO City of Music—has partnered with Yuri Suzuki to create the Global Sequencer. 


    Sounds that users upload appear on the globe in the location they were recorded. These sounds can be browsed freely and explored. Upon entering the sequencer mode, the globe is divided into a grid, creating small collections of sounds within each square. Selecting one of these squares results in a point where sound will play, and the sound that plays is chosen at random from the sounds contained within the square.

    By selecting multiple boxes, spinning the globe like a record, and creating distance by moving the globe closer and further away, users can add interest and variety to their musical experience, and then download and post the experience online to share with others.


    As 2021 has continued to be a difficult year for many, with travel and movement still restricted by the global pandemic, the Global Sequencer aims to bring us together by creating an interactive experience with sounds shared from all over the world.