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  • Sonic Bloom

    An interactive installation in the heart of Mayfair which brings people together through sound.

    Sonic Bloom was commissioned by Grosvenor Estate, and curated by Alter-Projects, as a community-focused, interactive and multi-sensorial installation exploring the nature of communication through sound.


    Consisting of a network of horn-shaped elements that capture and transport the voices of spectators as well as the sounds of the city, Sonic Bloom is a sonic playground that invites Londoners to re-connect and reflect on how they interact with each other and their city after a long period of isolation. 


    Yuri Suzuki devised Sonic Bloom to capture three audible themes; people, nature and the surrounding environment - and blend them into an exploration of universal communication. Sonic Bloom seeks to facilitate human interactions in spaces where they don't usually occur through an installation that not only invites people to communicate with each other, but to engage with their surrounding environment.

    The digital version of Sonic Bloom translates the magic and excitement of the physical installation into a form that can be shared globally. Through the unique design, voice recordings are transformed into flower animations which are then randomly ‘planted' onto a map of Mayfair.