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  • Sonic bloom: Digital Edition

    An interactive installation in the heart of Mayfair which brings people together through sound.

    The digital version of Sonic Bloom translates the magic and excitement of the physical installation into a form that can be shared globally. Through the unique design, voice recordings are transformed into flower animations which are then randomly ‘planted' onto a map of Mayfair. 


    On one hand, it enhances the music of the city that often goes unnoticed: birdsong, leaves rustling and passers-by going about their daily business. On the other hand, it invites visitors to record their own voices through the horns, which emerge on the other side of the listening tubes and are available online for digital visitors.

    Whether you are experiencing the installation in person or visiting it online, Sonic Bloom uses sound to create an opportunity to reconnect with people in the city and beyond after many months of being apart.