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    Colorful sculptures that modify and transmit sound in unusual, engaging and playful ways.

    This installation is made up of 6 interactive sound sculptures that manipulate sound depending on where you are standing, listening or speaking. Using horns and pipes the acoustics can travel from one end to the other in a playful way, by kneeling down to listen or sitting between two pipes sounds can be transported from different parts of the sculptures to create a fun and unique listening experience. The main material of the pieces is steel, powder coated to give a matte painted finish in bright playful colours.


    One of the most intriguing pieces will be the Parabolic dishes (image right). These require a certain amount of exploring, finding the exact spot where you can hear the reflection of sound at its most prominent.


    Working alongside the engineers the design was tweaked to make the piece acoustically sound as well as structurally safe. This required changing the sound horns to faceted horns and adding extra supports to enhance the structural sterdyness.
The installation located at the High Museum of Art outdoor Sifly Piazza for four months.